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There is nothing better than a pair of sweater puppies that will make your head spin. Hope has a fantastic set of puffies that makes you want to jam your cock between those tits and leave it there for a month. With a nice meaty pussy and looking beautiful to boot, you're going to love those points setting way up high. Don't let her sweet and innocent face fool ya, Hope's a dirty slut when it gets right down to it. So this is the first babe I've got to write about on this tour, that's a lot of writing. I've been adding busty babes to this site for years. When you factor in all the other sites I've got in the Aggressive Network, you can see that over 10 years of work produces a lot more porn then you are going to see anytime soon!


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Jana is one of our all time big titty babes. With blazing red hair and a pair of world class all naturals, she is just drop dead gorgeous. I've got quite a few galleries of Jana scattered around the members galleries. Been trying to find some hardcore she has done, but no joy. She is hot and it would be righteous to see a big cock rummaging around in her perfect orifices. Another hard-on bonus is that like a lot of babes with all natural tits, her right one is larger than the left. I don't know about you, but that is major hottness!


Blonde Beauty
This babe is major beautiful and I imagine just a huge ballbreaker. Basically she is just about perfect, all natural tits, smooth pussy and a classic asshole. So she must be a bitch. Stands to reason. Kind of a Jennifer Aniston thing going on, don't you think? With a package like this, she could be as dumb as a fence post and I wouldn't care. I certainly cannot find too much to complain about regarding this babe. The only thing is, I bet she can't fuck worth a damn. Experience shows that the most beautiful women simply cannot fuck well until they're at least in their thirties. Fact!

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I've got lots of galleries of this delicious European beauty. These are my favorite kinds of tits, they look good naked and even better spilling out of a push-up bra. Girls with boobs like Cocos can knock the crap out of you fucking in up on top cowgirl position, a lovely beating though. It's always nice to find a big breasted babe that has a gorgeous body to go with her tits. A lot of busty babes have a big ass to go with the tits and, while that can be good, most of the time it's just a huge ass. Anyway getting back to Coco, she definitely has a leg up on most big titted beauties, but I guess it comes down to personal taste in hooters.


Shauna is a porn star, not particularly beautiful but pretty in a slutty way. She's got excellent tits, they hang nice and look good in a bra. Must have cost 6-8 thousand. I'm not knocking fake titties, I love all titties, they are mandantory for porn starlets though. What I like about professional girls is that they keep themselves in shape, with excellent makeup, hot lingerie, and good photography. The only trouble is they are usually so over exposed that you get tired of looking at them. Not to worry, Ruff's Big Titties has a ton more amateurs that you've never seen. Yeah!



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